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A book, podcast, website and training all geared towards helping mid to senior police leaders understand crime and disorder problems in their community with a structured model, and support communities with procedurally just and effective solutions. 

How do I reduce crime in my police command? How do I tackle chronic crime problems? How do I address the long-term issues that have plagued my community? How do I analyze crime and criminal behavior? How do I show evidence of success in crime reduction? What works, what doesn’t, and how do we know? This book, designed for mid to senior level police command staff, answers these questions and more. 
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Jerry has taken his experience working with police departments in the United States coupled with his own experience as a police officer in the United Kingdom and turned it into this remarkable book. He places a focus on area command with a viable model that can be used by practitioners in the field.

Chuck Ramsey, Philadelphia Police Commissioner (2008-16)

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