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Training courses

Through Reducing Crime™ LLC, Jerry Ratcliffe and selected colleagues provide specialized training courses tailored to crime reduction, problem-solving, and intelligence-led policing for police departments. We provide informative and engaging training sessions geared towards practical crime reduction solutions and techniques for mid to senior level police command staff. We do not provide training courses for individual attendees at this time. Instead, each training course is a collaboration between a host agency (with a lead host individual) and the Reducing Crime™ instruction team.

Area Commander’s Leadership Course (three days)

This three-day program will introduce mid to senior police leadership participants to the key elements of leading successful crime reduction projects. Through the PANDA model, participants will engage with strategic thinking and operationalization of this vital policing role. Entertaining, interactive sessions and discussion of critical issues are supported with practical materials and exercises that will benefit each attendee’s agency and community. The course is ideally suited to participants from agencies where mid-level commanders are assigned responsibilities for crime management in geographic areas.


This highly practical and realistic program is framed within a wider discussion of evidence-based policing, and leadership development in modern law enforcement. It is the authorized training program that accompanies the book Reducing Crime: A Companion for Police Leaders. Each participant will receive a free copy of the book and an accompanying workbook. 

If events are available, they can booked here.

Intelligence-Led Policing (one day)

A one-day introduction to intelligence-led policing. What is intelligence-led policing? Where did it come from and why do we need it? This one-day seminar outlines why the limitations of the criminal justice system have forced an intelligence-led change in thinking. An interactive overview of best practice and intelligence case studies illuminate why NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton wrote “Intelligence-led policing has the potential to be the most important law enforcement innovation of the twenty-first century”. You will leave with a clearer idea of the origins and details of intelligence-led policing, and how agencies can become truly intelligence-led. 

Comments from previous course attendees

  • “Excellent, excellent. An eloquent speaker who understand the topic and presents it with knowledge”

  • “Can't say enough good things about this presentation.”

  • “Dr. Ratcliffe is always easy to listen to and always has great information that I can use when I get back. I wish he was more available to be heard more”

For more information on these courses, and to learn how to host a training session or incorporate a session into your annual training conference, contact

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