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Ella Cockbain

Dr. Ella Cockbain featured in episode 15 of the Reducing Crime podcast. Here is a little more information and some links for listeners interested in her work.

Dr Ella Cockbain is an Associate Professor in the Department of Security and Crime Science at University College London (UCL) and a visiting research fellow at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Her research focuses in particular on human trafficking, child sexual exploitation and labor exploitation. Ella is interested in rigorous, outcome-oriented research and nuanced, evidence-informed responses to complex issues. She has worked closely with organisations across the public, private and third sectors and contributed to counter-trafficking interventions at national and international levels, including co-chairing the UK’s national working group on the prevention of modern slavery.

Relevant recent publications

E. Cockbain & K. Bowers (2019) Human trafficking for sex, labour and domestic servitude: how do key trafficking types compare and what are their predictors? Crime, Law and Social Change.

E. Cockbain, K. Bowers & L. Vernon (2019) Using law enforcement data in trafficking research. In J. Winterdyk & J. Jones (eds) The Palgrave International Handbook of Human Trafficking. Palgrave Macmillan.

E. Cockbain (2018) Offender and Victim Networks in Human Trafficking, Routledge.

E. Cockbain, K. Bowers, & G. Dimitrova (2018) Human trafficking for labour exploitation: the results of a two-phase systematic review mapping the European evidence base and synthesising key scientific research evidence, Journal of Experimental Criminology

E. Cockbain & K. Olver (2019), Child trafficking: characteristics, complexities and challenges, in I. Bryce, W. Petherick & Y. Robinson (eds), Child Abuse and Neglect: Forensic Issues in Evidence, Impact and Management. Elsevier.

More publications can be found here.

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