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The Reducing Crime website supports readers of the book in a number of ways.

First, the chapters pages provide links to additional relevant studies and blogs, resumes of the vignette authors, and example multiple choice questions for readers studying for a promotion exam. A glossary of terms used in the book is available for east access. You can also find some of the book's graphics in PowerPoint pptx format.

The Reducing Crime blog has short posts and opinion editorials designed as stimulating thought pieces or short summaries that are quick consumables for busy command staff. Some of them may be worth studying before a promotion board.

The Reducing Crime podcast has interviews with researchers and police leaders who are doing cutting edge research and work that is relevant to police leaders. These interviews, with people like Police Chief Tom Nestel and Inspector Mike Newman (Queensland Police Service lead on evidence-based policing) are about 30 minutes long and can be accessed through the website, on Soundcloud and iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Chapter 9 of the book describes the ABC spreadsheet that can be used to evaluate crime reduction projects if you can estimate before after crime counts for a target area (activity), displacement site (buffer), and control site. The spreadsheet can help estimate whether your operation was effective, based on the activity, buffer and control site crime counts. Download the ABC spreadsheet from its dedicated page, or through chapter 9.

Finally, any updates will be advertised through the @_reducingcrime twitter feed. Please note the underscore immediately after the @.

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