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Ten ways to use the @_ReducingCrime podcast in class

Creating interesting and different multimedia content for a class can always be a challenge. Here are ten ideas for instructors for the forthcoming semester. Possible episodes to use for each suggestion are in square brackets, but you can use many of the episodes for different ideas. There are likely many more ways to use the podcast. If you come up with an innovative one please DM me @jerry_ratcliffe and I can include it next time I send this out. Cheers.

  1. Students are assigned or choose an episode and prepare a short class briefing on the three most important take-away lessons from the episode.

  2. Invite a guest speaker from a local police department to class to discuss and respond to a specific episode everyone listens to in advance.

  3. Students select one academic, listen to their episode, and then find and talk/write about one of the academic’s published research articles [04, 05, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11]

  4. Create a class around Eck and Rossmo’s 2019 Criminology and Public Policy article “The new detective” and incorporate the two episodes where they discuss the challenges of clearance rates and detective work [04, 08]

  5. Students contact a local police department and ask them to discuss what they do regarding officer wellness and stress management [12, 06, 13]

  6. Compare and contrast a couple of police officers’ perspectives on academia’s contribution to policing [01, 02, 03, 06, 13]

  7. Find a research experiment or study discussed in an episode and summarize it for class [02, 05, 09, 10, 13]

  8. Choose a podcast episode and structure a debate prompt around the episode. For example Charis Kubrin’s episode [09] and debate “California's Prop 47 should be abolished”

  9. Select an interviewee from an episode, research their bio and professional history, and summarize the likely key career points that drew them to crime science/evidence-based policing [1-10, 12,13]

  10. Assign multiple-choice questions for each episode to confirm students have listened. Need help with this? DM @jerry_ratcliffe for his spreadsheet of 15-30 questions per episode. Just include a link to your faculty page please.

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